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Filippo Giusti was born in Livorno, a city on the coast of Tuscany, Italy. He began his acting career, graduating from one of the best acting schools in Italy, Academia del Teatro Stabile di Genova. It is here that Filippo discovers his passion for the classical texts, from the Greek tragedy to Shakespeare, and more contemporary authors such as Pinter and Chekhov. "Genova is a wonderful city with an intrinsic melancholy in every alley of its historic center where the lyrics of Fabrizio de Andre's songs resonate"; this city was the scene of the bohemian years that Filippo claims changed him forever.


The other passion that Filippo cultivates simultaneously with acting is photography; He began to study this artistic expression at the age of 18 when he lived in Livorno and continued to study it over the years. It was the combination of these two arts that made him a “360-degree painter”, because thanks to his previous acting studies he refined values ​​like empathy, humanism, feminism and an enormous sensitivity; and with photography, the principles of perspective, composition of the image and theory of light and color.


After having worked in the best theaters in Italy, Filippo decides to move to Rome to focus on film and television; it is here where he had the opportunity to work with Wim Wenders, Muccino, Andy García, among others. However, he always felt very limited in terms of his creativity, and this led him to finally move away from this artistic expression.

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Despite being a self-taught artist, the coexistence with artists in la Fábrica, his friendship with the painter Santiago Carbonell, and with the collector Thomas Saliba (who collaborated with CY Twombly in his last 10 years of career), have been of great help for his growth as a painter.


Filippo attributes his knowledge and regards as his "true masters" the painters of the past due to the countless hours he spent in the museums of Florence and Rome during his years in Italy.


However, the continuous search is leading the painter to a new, much more personal artistic trajectory that he himself calls "Essentialism", where the classical technique reduces its prominence to leave more space for the world of abstract art and minimalism.

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In 2017, while working on a shooting with the photographer Gail Albert Halaban in Piazza Navona, he met Paulina, a Mexican girl from San Miguel de Allende. Consequently, she was the reason why he decided to move to Mexico.


He has lived in the "magic town", San Miguel de Allende, for three years and there he found the ideal place to develop his true art, painting. There he met Mario Oliva, a painter from Guadalajara who has his studio inside one of the most important art and culture centers in Mexico, Fábrica la Aurora, and with him he learned the basics of oil painting.


The former Italian actor, now a painter, became known in a very short time thanks to his first artwork Swimming back to life. Months later, thanks to his good reputation as an artist, he managed to open his own studio within this venue in 2019, within the framework of the most important annual event of Fábrica la Aurora, the Day of the Dead; which was attended by more than 4,000 visitors. At this event, Filippo's work stood out and garnered positive reviews from many people and the local television


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2022: Solo show " Essentialism" at MAQRO, Museum of Art of Querétaro.

2021: Mural “Doña Luisa” for the "International book fair of Coahuila" in collaboration with the "Italian Cultural Institute" of the Italian Embassy in Mexico.

2020: Art Miami and CONTEXT art Miami/Artsy.

2020: Collective exhibition with Galeria Alfredo Ginocchio in Mexico City

2020: 7o Show 2020 Umbrales, Museo de Arte de Queretaro.

2020: Collective exhibition Reset: Tales from the Vanguard', Madrid.

2019: Opening Studio Filippo Giusti, Fabrica la Aurora; San Miguel de Allende.

2019: Collective exhibition at Manuk Gallery, San Miguel de Allende.

2018: Collective exhibition at Galería 303, San Miguel de Allende.

2018: Collective exhibition, Galería Mario Oliva, San Miguel de Allende


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